The End of an Era: “End Call” Button Removed in Apple’s iOS 17

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Learn about Apple’s bold decision to remove the “End Call” button in iOS 17. Explore the reasons behind this change, its impact on user experience, and the evolving design philosophy that shapes the user interface of modern smartphones.


Apple’s iOS updates have often been accompanied by innovative changes, shaping the way users interact with their devices. The removal of the “End Call” button in iOS 17 is a significant departure from convention. In this article, we delve into the rationale behind this decision, the implications for user experience, and the design trends that are influencing smartphone interfaces.

A Departure from Tradition: “End Call” Button Removal

The iconic “End Call” button has been a fixture in smartphone interfaces for years, allowing users to swiftly terminate calls. However, with iOS 17, Apple has chosen to remove this familiar element, signaling a shift in how the company envisions user interactions and navigation within the operating system.

Streamlining User Experience: Simplifying the Interface

Apple’s decision to remove the “End Call” button aligns with a broader trend of simplifying smartphone interfaces. By minimizing clutter and reducing visual distractions, iOS 17 aims to offer users a cleaner and more intuitive experience. The elimination of redundant elements like the “End Call” button contributes to this streamlined design philosophy.

Embracing Gesture Controls: Navigating Beyond Buttons

The removal of the “End Call” button coincides with Apple’s emphasis on gesture-based navigation. With swipe gestures and other touch interactions becoming more prevalent, the traditional reliance on buttons is evolving. iOS 17 encourages users to embrace gestures for actions like ending calls, exemplifying a more immersive and modern approach to user interface design.

Navigating Change: User Adaptation and Accessibility

While change is inevitable, it can sometimes pose challenges for users accustomed to familiar interfaces. Apple acknowledges this and aims to facilitate a seamless transition. The removal of the “End Call” button is accompanied by user education and accessibility features to ensure that all users can navigate the new interface with ease.

The Evolution of Design Philosophy: Adapting to Trends

Apple’s decision to remove the “End Call” button is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of design philosophy. As user behaviors, technology, and aesthetics shift, smartphone interfaces must adapt to stay relevant and enhance user experiences. iOS 17 represents Apple’s commitment to embracing change while prioritizing simplicity and user-centric design.


Why did Apple remove the “End Call” button in iOS 17?

Apple removed the “End Call” button in iOS 17 to streamline the user interface, embrace gesture controls, and adapt to evolving design trends.

How does the removal of the “End Call” button simplify user experience?

The removal contributes to a cleaner and more intuitive interface, aligning with Apple’s design philosophy of minimizing clutter.

What is the significance of gesture-based navigation in iOS 17?

iOS 17 encourages users to adopt gesture-based navigation, exemplifying a modern and immersive approach to user interface design.

How does Apple ensure user adaptation to interface changes?

Apple provides user education and accessibility features to facilitate a smooth transition for users adapting to the new interface.


Apple’s decision to remove the “End Call” button in iOS 17 reflects the company’s commitment to evolving design trends and enhancing user experiences. By streamlining the interface, embracing gesture controls, and adapting to changing behaviors, Apple sets the stage for a more modern and intuitive smartphone interaction. As technology continues to progress, iOS 17 showcases the brand’s dedication to staying at the forefront of user-centric design.


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